In high school I was just an average student and due to the death of my dad at 16,  I did not have a lot of interest in school. In the summer of 1959 I found out that Los Angeles City College had a great broadcasting department so I decided to enroll. It was very exciting to learn broadcasting under the guidance of Don McCall.  He was my mentor.  Suddenly I loved school and my grades were outstanding. 

In the summer of 1961 I was bit big-time by the radio bug.  I was willing to go anywhere to get in the business.  My first job was a top 40 JD at KDOL radio in Mojave, California for 60 bucks per week. The very first record I played on the air was: “Sad Movies Make Me Cry” by Sue Thompson.  Now that’s something you never forget. Three months later I did the all night show at KWAC in Bakersfield where I met my wife.  The radio station changed format and I lost my job three days before our wedding so we went on a business honeymoon. 

I landed in Butte, Montana at KXLF working 6 to midnight. Butte is a great place if you don’t mind minus 38 degrees in the winter with six feet of snow.  My radio jobs took us to Salt Lake City, Tucson Arizona and back to Salt Lake.  While in Salt Lake (still really into weather) I became friends with Marc Eubanks and he told me about a job opening in television weather in Idaho Falls.  I said Marc, “I can’t go on T.V.”  He said yes you can. 

So in the summer of 1971 we drove up Idaho Falls and did a live on air show for KIFI and they hired me on the spot based on my radio experience and being willing to work anywhere to be in broadcasting.  The Lloyd Lindsay Young television career was off and running. 

I did several crazy things there in Idaho Falls including collecting hundreds of weather pointers, shouting “Helloooooo!” to all the towns in the area.  I also visited hundreds of schools teaching children about the weather, and generally having fun on the air.  It was “infotainment”.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Lewis and doing several MD telethons from Idaho.

One day a phone call came in that you can only dream about when you are in small town television.  It was Jim Osborne, the general manager, of KGO television in San Francisco.  He vacationed often in Sun Valley, Idaho.  At first I thought it was a joke.  It’s rare to get a call from a big time GM, let alone in Idaho Falls. To make a long story short, he flew me to San Francisco and I was hired to do the weekend weather for KGO television in 1981 after spending 20 years in the minor leagues of broadcasting.  This was my big break.

In San Francisco I was also hired by KFRC to do the weather for the Dr. Don Rose radio show in the morning.  Meeting Don Rose was a thrill.  He was one of the greatest DJ’s to ever live.  I had a blast on his show.  The San Francisco examiner asked me to write a daily weather column for the paper.

I lost my job in San Francisco after two years but then a BIG break came my way.  WOR television in New York City was starting a new 8 PM show in 1983 and the job was mine.  Moving to New York for a west coast guy was like moving to Europe.  Everything was so different.  I met so many great people there.  Bill Cosby had me up to his apartment to do the weather live.  Howard Stern had me on his radio show several times and so did Don Imus.  President Nixon came into the station, Walter Cronkite, Joan Lunden,  Jackie Mason, Morton Downey Jr and so many more.  I also had the pleasure of doing the weather for Gil Gross, a great broadcaster and friend, on WOR radio.

I have also enjoyed doing several television and radio commercials for several clients including the Atlantis hotel and casino in Reno, the WIZ in New York and many more.  In 1995 we moved back to California after 12 great years in the Big Apple.  KMAX television in Sacramento hired me right away and so did KGO radio in San Francisco. I worked in Bakersfield at KERO TV, as well.  So it was fun to do television and radio back in my home state. 

My goal now is to continue doing what I love and to branch out and try new things like voice over commercials, PA announcing and so much more.  To sum it up: I lived the life: Disc Jockey, Television Weatherman, Radio Weatherman, and I did it all having the time of my life!

Lloyd Lindsay Young

Hellooooooooooo America!

I was born and grew up in Los Angeles.  My father was a prop man for MGM studios and my mom was a great homemaker. Remembering back when I was 6 years old, sitting inside with a broken leg, I watched for the first time: snow in Los Angeles! Wow.  That was the start of my fascination with weather.

My teenage years were spent listening to the radio in L.A.;  not for the music but the jocks.  The legends of top forty radio like Bill Balance, The Real Don Steele, Wink Martindale, B Mitch Reed, Charlie Tuna, Robert W Morgan, Gary Owens and so many more.  As I listened I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I knew I could do it